Rotating Books are a literacy project of the Rotary Club of Worcester.

Books are left in public places with a label on the front which reads:



1.Take it

2.Read it

3.Leave it



The idea is that you:

1.     Take the book away with you – it’s free, no strings attached.

2.     You read the book.

3.     You then leave the book somewhere for someone else to pick up or pass it to a friend – keep the book moving!

Each month we will be giving away a £5.00 book token to one lucky person who has read one of our Rotating Books.

If you have read one of our Rotating Books and want to enter the draw for a £5.00 book token:-

Simply e-mail ( with the subject line “Rotating Books” in the body of the message give the title of the book you have read and include this month’s phrase:

Rotary is working to eradicate polio

At the end of the month a random draw will take place and the winner will be sent a £5.00 book token.